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Implement Covid Appropriate Behaviour

  1. Reduce patient accumulation in the waiting area by sending them "report ready sms". You can inform the patient to not wait for the report instead return after receiving the sms.

    How it works: Report ready sms is sent when you “final” or “sign off” the report.

  2. Always send a PDF copy of the report. So the patient would return for physical copy only if necessary.

    How it works:

    1. Upload letterhead and e-sign images by going to the setup page -> letterhead and e-sign page
    2. Get patient mobile number and email at the time of patient registration.
    3. Use the “send report” button to Email / SMS / WhatsApp the report.
  3. Use "welcome sms" so that patients have your contact number and can call if in case they don’t receive sms or have faced any other issue. Sms delivery is dependent on the telecom provider and several factors and is not guaranteed.

  4. You can recharge or check status of your sms credits from the account page of the software.

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