Patient registration and billing

It includes:

  1. User friendly patient registration and billing.
  2. Automatic reg. no. with barcode generation.
  3. Automatic current date and time assignment.
  4. Automatic total, due and discount calculation.
  5. Capture payment mode, track payment history.
  6. Capture employee activity on bill.
  7. Automatic assigned of received by logged in employee.
  8. Easily modify bill to add or remove investigations.
  9. Maintain electronic record of patients, cases, bills, doctors.
  10. Ratelist is seeded with common investigations. Manage ratelist for lab, outsource lab, usg, x-ray etc from a single page.
  11. Validate patient records before storing.
  12. Print bills using A5 paper size (A4 size and thermal printer support).
  13. Lookup bills easily by patient name, mobile no., date etc.
  14. Add cases to existing patients.
  15. Patient, case, doctor records can be downloaded as csv, and can be open in MS-Excel or tools alike.
  16. Patient reg. and billing feature is optimized for mobile entry.