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What can be considered as “Best”?

Honestly, there is nothing that can be considered the absolute best in anything. Comparing and determining the best pathology software depends heavily on you and your needs. So the right question for you to ask and understand is if the pathology software meets all your needs. And a pathology software that fits your requirements is the best pathology lab software for you.


6 important points to decide the best pathology lab software for you

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Your needs as a lab owner

First, you would want easy-to-use software with all the needed functionalities for your employees so that they can learn the software fast and start using it. Second, You need to monitor your business and track all the dues, refunds, and cancellations. Third, you would want to control what permissions the employees should have in the software. All these are beyond the regular patient billing and lab reporting requirements that you have. Your requirements as an owner can be more. We have just shared a few instances. And you have to check closely if the product meets all your requirements.

Labsmart advantage: Labsmart provides the easiest lab software, and superior control to the lab owners in terms of monitoring the business, creating separate employee accounts with respective account permissions, and much more. Take a free trial to evaluate the software

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Understand what your patient wants

Patients nowadays want computerized bills, want to be always informed about bills, dues, or when the report is ready over messages, and also the digital reports to be sent to them online over WhatsApp or email.

Labsmart advantage: With Labsmart you can share automated welcome sms, bill sms, and report-ready sms with your patients. You can also share digital reports online via sms, WhatsApp, or email.

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Free trial of the software

You need to understand if the platform truly fits your needs. This is very difficult to understand just by taking a demo of the software and not without using the software firsthand. Offline software companies generally only provide a demo of the software and not a full trial. Same with a lot of online pathology lab reporting software providers.

Labsmart advantage: Labsmart provides you with a 5-day full trial of the pathology lab software. Sign up now for the free trial.

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How will the support requests be handled in the future?

You need to ensure the company offers a proper support system. When it comes to getting support it can be really difficult to get online with support due to call waiting and other network-related issues. It is best if the company offers a support ticket system where a tracking ID is generated when you raise a support request.

Labsmart advantage: We at Labsmart want to provide our customers with the best support experience. Once you raise a support ticket, our team members will call and support you within 10 mins to 3 working hours max. Please note the official support timings are: Monday to Friday - 10.30 am to 5 pm.

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Google reviews (social proof) by customers

Today Google Review is the only platform that provides unbiased reviews from customers. You need to crosscheck what other customers think about the company’s product and service.

Labsmart advantage: Labsmart has an overall average of 4.9-star review in Google by 280+ customers.

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Software reliability

For your business to keep running uninterrupted, it’s important for the software to have a very little downtime. For offline software, reliability takes a downturn if the computer crashes which ends up hampering the regular flow of your business. Also, there should be a way to backup data over the cloud as else all historical data is lost. Moreover, in case of a need the support needs to be prompt and immediate which in our engagement with other customers, they have seen missing in offline software ultimately hampering smooth workflow. In case of online softwares, immediate support and uptime should be the most important concern. 

Labsmart advantage: Labsmart notably has a 99% uptime, with auto backup of your data over the cloud and prompt support when required. So, even if your desktop crashes, Labsmart has all your historical data backedup for you.

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The software that meets all these six points, will be the best pathology lab software for you.

Benefits of using Labsmart

Superior lab software

Patient registration

Bill for all departments - pathology, outsource test, Digital X-ray, USG, CT Scan, MRI, ECG etc.

Seamless Package & Panel management

Easy Laboratory reporting

Manage Interpretations

Enrich your Patient’s Experience

High quality reports

Automated welcome, bill and report ready sms

Provide computerised bills with lab’s logo

Send reports online through sms, whatsapp and email

QR coded reports

Qr coded bills for report tracking

Lab management with ease

Separate employees logins

Business reports

Monitor Dues, Refunds, Cancellations

Prevent Internal Frauds

Monitor daily business

Build your online presence with google review builder

Experience the power of online pathology lab software with 5 day free trial.

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What our clients think about us...

Dr. Priyatam

We have been using Labsmart since 2 years, and it's been a pleasant experience. The software is user-friendly, continuously improving with each update. The team behind it is incredibly helpful, addressing any issues promptly. Abhishek, the founder and developer, is a nice person who patiently listens and does what's best. Deepa in customer support does a great job. Thanks to the Labsmart team for their excellent work!

Ankit kumar Dube

Labsmart pathology software is a very good platform. I have been using this software after using multiple pathology software’s many of them are costly and difficult to understand but Labsmart software is very easy to understand, it’s sms feature , sharing pdf and storing database of patients are the best functions of the software. It is a very cost-friendly and less complicated than other software.

Dhar pathological laboratory

Wonderful software, LabSmart has very good and knowledgeable technical staff who assisted me greatly in setting up my software and answering all of my questions. My work load has decreased significantly since I began using the LabSmart software.