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Why choose Online Pathology Lab Software in 2023
Here Are The Top 10 Reasons

1. Higher patient satisfaction

Online software easily enables communication over SMS, Email, and WhatsApp, delivering higher patient satisfaction. Automated welcome sms, and bill sms helps in maintaining transparency and trust. Reports delivered over sms, email, or WhatsApp can delight the patient as it saves them time and money.

2. Zero installation hassles

With online software, you can just sign up and get started. You don't need to download and install software, worry about Windows version compatibility issues. You will not be required to use a security dongle which most offline providers require you to use the software. Remember if you lose the security dongle you might have to pay again to purchase the software license.

3. Free trial

Online softwares will provide you with a free trial so that you can make a full assessment before you actually make any payment. This makes it risk-free to purchase any online software subscription.

4. Zero training requirement

As the software is built on newer technologies, they offer a better user experience and will not require any special training to use the software. This means new employees joining your laboratory can be productive from day one and you don’t have to keep someone hired because they know the systems well.

5. Guaranteed support

As online softwares run on a yearly/monthly subscription basis it’s in the software company’s interest to provide quality support. This ensures guaranteed support as online software companies focus on getting subscription renewals.

6. Regular software updates

Regular updates can provide new features and improved functionality that can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the online lab software. Updates can also improve the user interface and user experience, making the online lab software easier and more intuitive.

7. Data Safety

No need to worry about backups. If one computer is infected simply format it or replace it with another computer with no loss of data or time. You can also save money by avoiding software crashes and reinstallation by using online pathology software.

8. Multiple simultaneous user access

Unlike offline software solutions you can easily run online lab software on multiple computers in your lab, allowing users like receptionists, lab technicians, and lab owners to perform their respective duties easily and efficiently.

9. Access over the mobile phone

Mobile access largely helps send reports in cases of urgency when the lab is closed. It also helps you monitor the activities in the lab when you cannot be present physically.

10. Employee activity monitoring

Since all the data gets recorded in the LIMS it becomes very easy for lab owners to check the employee activity, oversee the business operations and get a live view of day-to-day business.

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