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LabSmart Case Study

Anushree Hospital, Balaghat, Madhya Pradesh

Anushree Hospital

Mr. Takesh Maheshwari

Lab Manager


Pathlogy lab




Mr. Takesh has been working in the healthcare industry for over ten years. He has managed and worked with a number of pathology labs in Madhya Pradesh. Anushree Hospital is a multi-specialist hospital that offers pediatric specialists, dermatologists, general practitioners and lab testing. Patients can expect quality services from well-trained doctors and staff to meet their needs.

Business Challenge

As a Hospital and Lab professional, the most difficult problems they encountered were with software for storing information and Lab management. As a super speciality hospital, storing patient data such as tests conducted, time and test results is critical. They were also facing difficulties with performing discounting and rate-list management with other softwares. As a Hospital they were always looking for a simple software for storing data that included all of the necessary features.

"We always used MS WORD software to record all the patient data and their information on daily basis but now using LabSmart software. Switching to LabSmart software saved us a lot of time in reporting and made it convenient to report different kinds of test results."

- Mr. Takesh


LabSmart is a one-stop solution for all the Pathology Labs

  • Saves time in handling large number of patients and recording their information.
  • Medium, Small labs and hospital can afford the software easily.
  • Multiple features offered like Daily Business, discounting handling on bills, monthly business analysis are the most useful features offered.
  • Less technical knowledge is required and Lab technicians can easily use it.
  • Fast and efficient software experience.

Business Benefits

Aquity Healthcare started using LabSmart software for improving their services to patients and doing work more efficiently. The benefits they felt by using LabSmart software were.

  • Easy to use software and easy to train the technicians on using the software.
  • Frequent updates and smooth experience.
  • Tracking data of all doctors and reports.
  • No waiting time and patient can get reports through sms and emails.
  • Business analysis to track growth and performance.

I got to know about LabSmart through a reference, Its best features are to track daily Business , discount handling in billing and business analysis.

- Mr. Takesh

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