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LabSmart Case Study

Dynapath Medical Laboratories, Kenya


Pathlogy lab




Mr.Jared Ongawe started Dyana Path Lab in Kenya in 2015. The lab was a general diagnostic laboratory with all types of general health care tests. The lab has been working on research and helping in clinical trials as well for its clients. Dyana path lab is using all the latest types of equipment and technology to cater to all its patients.

Business Challenge

The biggest problems they had as a Diagnostic lab were using complex software, Accessing Data, and getting daily updates about labs performance so that they could have a hassle-free experience running the lab. They were also looking for simple software with less features and with an easy user interface so that anyone can easily work on the software.

"My experience was not good with other software because I never had complete access to the software and was not able to get complete data and updates about Labs’ performance."

- Mr. Jared Ongawe


LabSmart is a one-stop solution for all the Pathology Labs

  • Web-based software get access from any device.
  • Store Patients information.
  • Send updates and reports through Email.
  • Get business analysis for labs performance.
  • Good customer service.

Business Benefits

Dyana Path Lab started using LabSmart software for improving their services to patients and doing work more efficiently. The benefits they felt by using LabSmart software were.

  • Easy to use software.
  • Get daily updates about business.
  • Access to software from anywhere.
  • Send Tests updates through email to patients.
  • Cost friendly software.

The best part of LabSmart software is that I am able to access it from 2 monitors through the internet which no other software provides.

- Mr. Jared Ongawe

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