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Setup guide

End goal: Lab is able to run it’s operations completely without needing any help.

Getting started:

  1. Decide a plan from pricing page.
  2. Signup for a free trial.
    • Follow the onboarding steps (you can do this in multiple attempts if you are unable to do it in one go) - Setup video
    • Register a few cases and print a few reports, try out the software and see if it full fills all your requirements.
    • Call us during your free trial for any assistance (11AM - 5PM, Monday - Friday) - Know more about support

Going live:

  1. Checklist:
    • Ensure rate-list is completely updated and your are not missing any investigations / tests.
    • Ensure all the tests are available and normal values are updated as per requirement of your lab.
    • Ensure signature images and letterhead images are uploaded.
  2. Purchase your subscription.
    • When your trial is complete, you can make payment directly from account page.
    • Debit card, Credit card, Net-banking options are available for payment from account page.
    • Contact us for UPI payment.
Continue to pricing page or trial signup.